Hi, welcome to the virtual home of Rabimba
Please enter "help" or press "v" to activate voice commands and say "Hello".(Only for Chrome users).
anonymous@$ help
Command list:
help: Complete command list
whoareyou: Prints who I am.
blog: Opens my blog in a new tab.
github: Opens my Github profile in a new tab.
linkedin: Opens my linkedin profile in a new tab.
email: Drop me a mail.
search: Searches Google, Duckduckgo and Bing in new tabs for any following keyword(s). You need to allow pop up for Google and DuckDuck go
linuxdl: Downloads Linux distro of your choice(Only Ubuntu is available now).
clear: Resets this console.
anonymous@$ blog
Openning the blog url in a new tab...
anonymous@$ |